We offer the widest range of insurance to suit your needs whether it is your primary residence, as a second home, or if you own or rent as tenant.

We know that your house is your most precious asset, thus we look for the best home insurance that fits to your needs. We provide you a great team of professionals so that you can find best coverage with better prices.

We no longer implement the under-insurance proportionally rule to the insured amount.


  • Damages: in case of fire, explosions, flood and others – your house insurance will refund the amount of the furniture with their current value.
  • Theft: Either if you had had something stolen by intimidation out of home or something stolen from your house in all circumstances, the insurance will refund you the stolen amount.
  • Glass Breakage: the insurance provide complete coverage in case of accidental glass broken, marbles, sanitary ware and even ceramic hobs.
  • Civil Liability: If you have to face a water leak or gas exhaust that causes problems to neighbors or others – the insurance takes over of the damages costs. Besides, if you have a dog, you can extend the coverage in case of harm to third parties.
  • 24-h Specialized Assistance: With only such a telephone call, you’ll have emergency line with specialized professionals: plumbers, electricians, painters, locksmiths, etc